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Which top 12 low-cost, do-it-yourself home improvements will yield homeowners the highest return on investment (ROI)?

As seen in USA Today, Yahoo!, Home Staging for Dummies and many more, Home Sale Maximizer™ is a FREE tool to help homeowners prepare a home for sale.

This sliding brochure shows an average cost of home improvements like painting, landscaping and home staging sorted by regions in the U.S. – and an average increase in price that each will add to the home’s value.

Provide a sliding brochure to your clients to help guide them in making the right moves before the home sale process is started. They’ll see that spending a couple hundred dollars can turn into a couple thousand dollars!

By submitting your request, we will mail five (5) sliders to you at no cost.

For questions or to request a larger quantity, please send an email to HSM@homegain.com.

To learn more, visit www.homesalemaximizer.com.

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